Monday, July 1, 2013

summertime goals

Hey, there.  I know, it's been a little while.  Nonetheless I'm here.

We began our summer break a week and a half ago.  It's been really good so far.  A great mix of relaxation and industry.  (I love me some industry!)   Then our family got sick, and not long after that our oldest child was gone for a week to church camp, so this week really marks the start of what our vacation feels like.   And I've gotta say, it feels gooooood.  And it finally got warm and sunny a few days yes, I think summer has both officially and unofficially arrived!

I've been (lazily) mulling over my goals for this time of rest/break/change of pace, and I thought I'd mark them here.  Just so, you know, I can go back at the end of summertime and mark how I've failed - or not.  In light of that, I'm going to keep them pretty modest...

1)  Guide the kids to finishing the summer reading program before the t-shirts are all gone.
We have this problem year after year.  Oh, we finish...but not until the supply of t-shirts is severely depleted, and we're lucky to get one or two children home with t-shirts in tow.  So this year, we're pushing to get done earlier.  I think we're on track, if we can just keep up our momentum.  This brings me to number 2...

2)  Have regular reading time each day. 
Unlike some families I know, we're not doing any structured educated projects this summer.   Therefore, and  also because I adore books and want to foster a love of them in my children, we're planning to have some regular, daily (or almost) book time each day.  Whether it be individual reading, group reading, or just looking at pictures (toddlers, anyone?), we're going to sit down and have some quiet reading time.  So far it's been lovely!

3)  Organize the study.
This one is boring, and I apologize for that.  Still, it is a definite goal of mine and therefore I must state it.  The study is the room where we keep our school books, "school activities" for the littles, and two desks for a quiet place to work, among other things.  I have to go through and do semi-regular re-organizations of this room, sorting books and old papers, making the room better suit our needs.  Those needs shall continue to morph as next school year starts.  I'll have my two older students, but also a newly-minted kindergartner as well as a preschooler and, well, a very active toddler.  Not to mention that a few months in I'll have my hands just a little bit more full.  This room must be ready to roll!  It is a shame I'm such a packrat, though.

4)  Have people over.
Dinner, playdates, dessert.  I want to take advantage of this time to grow in hospitality and social graces.  It's so easy to bunk down and focus on our own family - and while that's not a bad thing to focus on, it's good to widen our gaze and open our home to others.  And it's good for this introvert as well.

5)  Process summer produce.
This is something I've been doing the past few summers, and I'm always trying to do a little bit better at "putting by" for the colder winter months.  I'm thinking this year I'm going to have to figure out how to use a dehydrator.  And of course, there's always my jam habit.

Believe it or not, that may be it.  All, it, the end.  I told you they were pretty modest goals!  Do you think I can do it?

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