Saturday, October 31, 2009

farewell to the farmers' market

Today marked the end of the farmers' market until next year. I'll miss it dreadfully. In spite of many rainy weekends during the past few months, I went by there on as many Saturdays as I could manage it.

It'll be much more of a challenge to find local produce during the winter and spring. I do have a few ideas, though. I'm blessed to know of a local farm stand not far from here, and I'm told they'll be open through December. There's a place near the new house which may be selling for a bit longer. And we have a few grocery stores around here (including a tiny natural foods market with impressive customer service) where I may be able to find some local items.

On this particular Saturday, after doing battle with the flu which has attacked my boys for most of the week, I am now feeling under the weather, myself. So Jeff gallantly offered to go in my stead. What would I do without that guy?

He came away, arms loaded with a huge sack of potatoes, luscious red grapes (what a treat!), apples, carrots, and an enormous butternut squash. And then he went to the grocery store. What a prince! We'll be sitting pretty for the rest of the week, and then some.

I'll miss heading there on Saturday mornings, no doubt about it. I'll miss the fabulous prices, the festive atmosphere, the friendly faces, and the fresh local fare.

But I know that our beloved farmers' market will return in the spring. It may be a little tentative at first, but before long there'll be tender asparagus, leafy heads of lettuce, fresh Oregon berries, peaches, and so much more. It'll all be back.

And so will I.

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