Monday, October 19, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

Greetings, everyone! It's Monday, and you know what that means. Well, what it usually means. Sometimes it doesn't end up meaning that. But this week, it does. That's right, it's "Not me!" Monday, the confessional blog carnival of MckMama's. Head on over to her blog, My Charming Kids, for some refreshing honesty today...and every day.

When my 19-month-old comes to me with the message "Poo-py," I absolutely never respond with an "Okay, Owen...go tell Daddy!" Nope, not me!

I am certainly not immeasurably relieved that beginning our homeschooling year has resulted in far less Benjamin/Kyle fighting. Because kids are kids. A little bickering would never drive me to near distraction...

While discussing our week of doing school with another mom on Friday, definitely did not refer to my 19-month-old as having "been a pill" during school time. No way. He's always utterly charming...and even if he weren't, I would never use such a word to refer to my child.

I definitely haven't been putting off making both Owen's 18-month-old, and Kyle's 4-year-old well-child appointments with the pediatrician. The thought of a Vaccine Discussion never fills me with dread, nor am I actively avoiding the potentially germy waiting room during cold and flu season. In fact, I am not considering bailing on the pedi altogether, and heading straight for a naturopath.

Along the same lines, I am not again behind on writing thank-you notes. No way, not me! I definitely do not have a good dozen thank-yous to write, but which I am putting off because I despise writing thank-you notes. You can never find me procrastinating.

You can also never find me daydreaming about the New House. I am firmly planted in this cramped apartment, and you can be assured that I am blooming furiously. I absolutely never walk around muttering, "I hate this place..."

I am not completely heartbroken that my maternity sweaters are still missing in action. The fact that there's a definite chill (and sometimes bite) in the air here certainly doesn't make me long for my roomy, cozy sweaters. Their absence doesn't bother me at all.

Lastly, I was not utterly thrilled to hear the welcome news that my very first nephew was born on Tuesday! I am not the least bit excited to welcome baby Miles to the world, and I definitely am not hoping that I can meet him in the not-too-distant future.
(He is completely adorable, though! I cannot tell a lie.)


Kristin said...

I know you were not/are not asking for advice, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in anyway! We haven't visited the pediatrician for over a year. After Benjamin's two-week appointment that I had to go to for various reasons, we did not go back. I think the kids are healthier at home away from the concentrated germs...and who knows better if I child is well than their mother. (I'm not naive. I know there ARE things a doctor know that I don't, but generally, I don't feel I need to have my doctor tell me if my child is well!) We did intend to check in with the doc this summer during the less-sicky months, but never got around to it...

Mama said...

I agree. I don't think I would take my well child to a doctor's office now with the flu germs running rampant.

Ami said...

Since we're being honest about the doctor visit procrastination... I have put off taking both of my kids - LK for his 5 year well visit, Scotch for her 9 month. I plan on refusing chicken pox vacc, which I know will come up for LK. And, we're not doing any flu shots. And, I know the waiting room is full of sick and germs. And, so, to avoid any sort of confrontation, I haven't made that call.