Thursday, September 9, 2010

mommy confessions

1) I accidentally poured balsamic vinegar into the frying pan where the butter was melting. It was supposed to be olive oil. In my defense, they are both squarish bottles!

2) Recently I used our GPS to help me get home, after discovering that the road I usually use was closed for road construction.

3) While our "love magnets" were spread out on the counter (I had intended to write something flirty and put it on the fridge) I got started on a project, and ended up dribbling soy sauce on them.

4) I desperately want a love seat to put by the fireplace.

5) A few minutes ago I was feeling nervous and ate like 7 cookies in one sitting.

6) I'm much more excited about minischool this term (Monday School, the outing formerly known as Friday School). It was hard with a newborn.

7) I'm having a terrible time trying to soft-boil eggs for my daughter. I am just plain lousy at it!

8) I blog a lot more when 3/4 of my children are away for a few days.

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