Saturday, September 25, 2010


1) Me: "Are you finished with your dinner, Kyle?"
Kyle: "Unfortunately, no."

2) Ben, when told to look like he was enjoying himself for a photo: "I am enjoying myself. And I'm enjoying my pancake, too!"

3) Kyle: You seem to have an owie, Elise. Let me get you my "sickness donut."

4) Ben: "Mom, I think Elise is crying because she's sad that she doesn't have a sister..."

5) Owen, after being called Cutie Patootie: "I not 'utie a-ootie. I Oh-ee!" (points at forehead).

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Mama said...

It's so much fun hearing the boys' comments. They sure are precious! It will sure be fun to hear Elise's comments some day too.