Sunday, January 16, 2011

anything's possible...

Today, I just might have...

...declared my son "such a delight" in the morning, only to be incredibly frustrated with him by dinnertime.

...chosen a bulky sweater in a futile effort to disguise my midsection.

...muttered "Baby!" under my breath in an unkind way after discovering, as I was loading him into the van to go to church, that my 2-year-old had pooped and failed to notify me.

...fought an urge to get out by myself in the afternoon, because I really didn't need to and it didn't work out, time-wise, only to later be glad that I'd stayed home with my husband and kids.

...made an utter fool of myself while trying to jump rope.

...let the yeast proof way longer than I usually do, because I was on the phone.

...note that the bread didn't rise nearly as high as usual.

...cleaned the bathroom specifically because I have people coming over tomorrow.

...discovered a kitten who was locked in the pantry.

...determined to get the children in bed early, and succeeded, for the most part.

...put the boys in bed and then take the baby to the bathroom with me while I brushed my teeth, because she'd had an unusually restful afternoon, and I feared she may not go down easily.

...let my daughter play with stuff in her daddy's nightstand drawer while I washed my face.

...written this blog post while letting her crawl around and explore, hoping against hope that she would tire herself out....

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