Thursday, August 4, 2011

birth songs

Not long ago, I embarked on a quest of sorts. While viewing my daughter's birth video, I noted the song which was playing at the moment when she was born. It was this inspiration which led me to do a little digging; I wanted to find out what was playing for each of my children's births. And so, last night I had a little birth-video fest.

I've shared before that long ago, Jeff and I put together a collection of meaningful, soothing songs to play during labor. I have listened to it through each of my childbirths, and it is unspeakably precious to me. Maybe one day I'll share the entire playlist here on the blog, but for now, I'm going to share each of my children's "birth songs," and a little about them.

Benjamin Wayne, December 18, 2002 ~ "Bound to Come Some Trouble" by Rich Mullins

This song is based on John 16:33. Jesus is speaking to his disciples, and he says "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." It is an encouragement that yes, there will be trouble and hard times in our lives, He who is greater is with us. A beautiful song.


Kyle Warren, September 26, 2005 ~ "The Love of God" by Rich Mullins

The opening line of this song says "There's a wideness in God's mercy I cannot find in my own..." It goes on to contrast our own frail human love and the "reckless, raging fury that they call the Love of God." The song is a reminder that even when we fail to live up to the ideal, God's all-encompassing love is strong enough to make up for it.


Owen Daniel, March 8, 2008 ~ "Nothing is Beyond You" by Rich Mullins

This is one of my favorite Rich Mullins songs, and there are a lot. It references Psalm 139, verses 1-12. No distance, no darkness, is too much for God. He knows us through and through, every thought. And as the song goes on to say, "I cannot explain how You came to love me, except to say that nothing is beyond you..." So true, all of it.

Elise Corrine, February 6, 2010 ~ "Love Song" by Third Day

"Love Song" explores the great lengths Christ went to in order to redeem us. "Just to be with you, I would do anything," the words go. We are unfathomably precious to him, and the proof is there in his sacrifice. This song made it onto my playlist because it spoke to me of the sacrifice a mother is willing to go through in order to birth her child. Labor pales in comparison to what Jesus did, of course. I can only imagine what it was all like for him. Still, the line "I know that you don't realize how much that I gave you, but I promise, I would do it all again" inevitably turns my thoughts toward motherhood.

Because that's how I feel about all of my children. Even in the hard times, I would never want to change the way things are. I would never wish them away, and I won't listen to the voices I hear that discount their importance and value. Each one is a unique, precious gift from God.

Yes, parenting is hard work. As labor is hard work. But in end? So very worth it.


Joy said...

This is really neat, and now I have a new R. Mullins song to investigate ~ I don't know "Nothing is Beyond You"

Mindy said...

It's on his last album, "The Jesus Record." It has two discs: a CD with Rich's rough cuts of the songs, and a CD with various artists performing polished, studio versions of the songs. It was released after his death...far & away, my favorite is the "demo" disc with Rich's voice...