Wednesday, August 3, 2011

when the mice are away...

...the cat will clean.

My boys are gone this week: off to have an adventure at the coast with their grandmother. What, you may ask, did I do first after they left? I set to work.

Actually, first I had lunch. A girl must have her priorities, you know.

But after that, I set to work. My first task was to clean the sliding glass door - both sides. It was glorious, glorious to see the glass shining and least for awhile.

Don't worry, I'm relaxing too. And this morning Elise and I had a girls' adventure which involved the library and some shopping. But still, it's lovely to do some cleaning, and have things stay (fairly) clean for more than a few minutes.

I think I'll do a little mopping today. I just love seeing those floors gleam...

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