Monday, August 15, 2011

learning about real food

Last summer I mentioned that I'd heard about this great new curriculum on real food. I remember, I was so excited, and could hardly wait to get my hands on it. Well, it ended up being a long wait, but last month it happened. The book is called Real Food Nutrition For Kids, and it's by Kristen Michaelis, who writes the Food Renegade blog.

I had planned to begin using it in the fall (technically we're finishing up a school year this week, and will start the new school year a month later), but for various reasons we decided to start it earlier. And it's been really fun! The boys look forward to the lessons, and there are great activities for them to do - coloring pages, crosswords, word searches, and more.

It's been so exciting to have a guide to teach my kids about why we drink raw milk, eat grass-fed beef, and avoid those fluorescent-colored tubes of "yogurt" in the grocery store.

Besides the "real food" aspect, they're also learning about digestion, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and so much more. I'm hopeful that this will give them a good foundation, and help them understand why, in our family, we "do things a little diff'rent round these parts."

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