Friday, June 29, 2012

so much

Ah, there is so much I want to do!

I want to write
and ferment stuff.
I want to clean (alright, not really.  but I enjoy my home more when it is clean and tidy)
and plan what we'll eat during the few days we'll be around in July
and read.
I want to research books for our homeschool
and learn how to make ice cream cones.
I want to decide for sure which clothes I'll be packing
and make a list of snacks to take along for the road.
I want to scope out places to buy natural food along the way
and I want to call my mama.
I want to delve into a new study on Nehemiah
and re-organize my bedroom so that it's more romantic and inviting.
I want to cuddle my babies
and read aloud while I'm surrounded by my blessings.
I want to exercise
and learn about essential oils
and invite people over more
and read the gazillion books I need to read
and make a Deep, Dark Chocolate Tart in time for us to finish it before next Friday.
I want to fold laundry (alright, really not.  but I want to have it folded, and it's up to me)
and take a bubble bath
and replace the once-again-soaked hand towel for the powder room.
I want to learn why my son cannot let it stay dry.
I want to give my daughter pigtails
and refresh her toenail polish.
I want to find out whether the people we invited over on Sunday are coming
and plan what I'll take to a potluck on Saturday.
I want to play music
and dance with my family
and write a letter to my friend
and soak in the sunshine
and make lemonade.

The theme of these thoughts is not original, but the specific desires are mine.  So I'll do my best with the time I've got, and trust that the things which slip out of my hands will be sorted out in time.

For this moment, what I did with that time is to echo the call of a million mothers in the world, who have been given so very much, and find themselves with so much they want to do.

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Rena said...

Lovely list. Someday you'll get to do these things..