Friday, August 6, 2010

a half birthday

Yes, our little darling is six months old today. Half of a year. She is an utter joy, and we all adore her. As she turns six months, she is...

...rolling around the room like crazy.

...using her toes to scootch. This girl is making tracks.

...just starting to learn to sit up.

...grinning madly at pretty much anyone who speaks sweetly to her.

...inspiring total strangers to rave about her beauty.

...taking great initiative when she wants to hold something.

...such a mellow, sweet soul. Most of the time.

...crowing happily through her playtimes.

...bringing our family so much happiness.


Mama said...

Such a sweet and adorable little girl! She is so precious! Growing like a weed. She's changed so much since we saw her last.

Monica said...

Just so Beautiful and precious! You'll be fighting off the guys before long! Thanks so much for sharing!