Thursday, August 12, 2010

my first pickles!

I recently made my first attempt at pickles! Granted, this probably isn't too earth-shattering as far as news goes, but it was exciting for me. And since this is my blog, I thought I'd share.

So, I found a great recipe for bread and butter pickles in "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon (the authors of "Nourishing Traditions"). It's a recipe which uses lacto-fermentation, which thrilled me to no end. Lacto-fermentation is a traditional method of preserving food. It uses lactic acid. The end result is amazingly healthful and nourishing...we're talking better digestion, good bacteria, increased levels of vitamins.

The method I followed for these pickles was so simple. Basically, it calls for throwing together the following: sliced pickling cucumbers, onions, honey (or maple syrup) yellow mustard seed, celery seed, turmeric, salt, and whey. The whey is the key for lacto-fermentation. Cover with liquid, cover tightly, and leave at room temperature for two days. So simple.

The verdict? We really enjoy them! Especially my oldest son, who has never met a pickle he didn't adore.

Next time I plan to slice the cukes a bit more thinly (I got carried away with my super capable new food processor), and go a little lighter on the celery seed. But I definitely think we've found a keeper.

It's so much fun to learn how to make things the traditional way!


Ami said...

Those look great! And, so quick, too... I'm still waiting for my dills to be ready. :)

Mama said...

Glad you found such an easy and healthy recipe. They do look good.

tlc said...

Sounds good! I may try those...