Thursday, November 11, 2010

home away from home

I'm taking a minute to share a few photos from our most recent sojourn at Grandma's house. (It's Grandpa's house too, but somehow that doesn't have quite the same ring, does it?)

Ben relished a chance to help Grandpa with the firewood.
Owen was quite taken with their new puppy, Cookie. I think it's safe to say the feeling was mutual.
The boys had a fun wrestle time with Grandpa...
Elise had the requisite sink bath...

...oh, and I did I mention that most of us had the flu while we were there? Good times. But...Grandma made chicken soup, and Jeff took care of the sad, sick little boys while I was sick in bed, myself. We could see God's blessings through it all (for example, the baby slept through a lot of nighttime angst) , and we survived.

So that's it: a taste of our visit to Idaho, our home away from home. Without the germs we unintentionally brought along as a hostess gift...

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