Friday, November 19, 2010

in the darkness

I wrote and posted this piece a little over two years ago, when Owen was a nursling. Now I've tweaked it, and am publishing it in honor of the little girl who needed me so much last night. It's an honor and a privilege to mother my children when they are sick...even during the night.

Together in the rocking chair
The house so quiet
She and I alone awake
Relaxing, her little body a sigh
Eyes closing again, a gentle tugging
Her tiny hand lightly running along my forearm
And back again
As if to reassure herself that even in the dark
I, as familiar as her own skin, am here
Holding her, snug on my lap
We are warm
Relaxing, together, in this dark quiet time


Kristin said...

It is wonderful to know we have what our children need, physically and emotionally. Hope your baby is feeling better tonight and that you all get needed rest.

steve and corrine said...

Sorry to hear that she was not doing well, but precious to visualize the bond in the rocking chair in the dark.

Mama said...

It's so wonderful that she has a mama like you to comfort and bless her life. Hope she's doing better.