Tuesday, July 3, 2012

7 reasons I wear skirts

These days I find myself often putting on a skirt in the morning.  They are fun, flirty, and feminine.  So without further ado, here are the top 7 seasons why you'll often find me wearing a skirt.

1)  Skirts are womanly.   They're inherently feminine.  Honestly I think that's valuable in and of itself.  It seems to me that many womanly characteristics and pursuits are being discarded these days. They are seen as being old-fashioned or worse.  But I want to model for my daughter  - and yes, for my sons too - that I embrace my feminine side.  Skirts are a great way to do that.

2)  Skirts can be modest.  Clearly they aren't always.  Our culture tends toward the outrageous, and skirt length has been an example of that for the last 60 years - longer than that, really.  But it's more than possible to be fashionable and culturally relevant in a modest skirt. In fact, I've lately heard fashion experts advising against short skirts.  Even so, in this day and age I think it is vitally important to show the young girls around us that it's realistic and desirable to have an interest in style and beauty while remaining modest.

3)  Skirts are cool.  On warm summer days, skirts are hard to beat.  'Nough said.

4)  Skirts cover faults.  Please don't correct me if I'm wrong (*wink*), but I feel that wearing a skirt offers more grace to those of us with fuller figures.  A little less information about those thighs, a little more swish and distraction.  When it comes to the postpartum body (in my opinion) smoke and mirrors are where it's at.  And I love the way a knee-length skirt fans over my lap when I sit down.

5)  Skirts are versatile.  Dress them up or dress them down.  Once I wore a black skirt made of very casual material to a spontaneous girls' night out.  I didn't feel great about the outfit I'd been wearing that afternoon but I decided not to change clothes.  Instead I simply threw on a dark-wash denim jacket and wrapped a scarf around my neck.  When I got to my friend's house one of the other ladies asked me "So did you dress up just for tonight, or have you worn this all day?"    I was shocked (what a wonder a scarf is!) by her words.  My skirt was super casual, but it was incredibly easy to spiff my look up a bit.

I think it's equally plausible to wear skirts in a very casual way.   I have several skirts made of a material similar to the kind used for yoga pants.  Throw on a tank top and/or a zippered sweatshirt, a pair of flip-flops and you're ready to chase kids, change diapers, or simply putter around the backyard.

6)  Skirts are comfortable.  They're lower limb freedom, pure and simple.  And let me be frank: the elastic waistband is my friend right now.  I know certain fashion experts are against such things, but in my opinion these waistbands are a huge help to many a mama.  Many of my skirts are just as comfortable as any pair of sweatpants, and ten times as attractive.

7)  Skirts are fun to twirl in.   I learned this gem from my two-year-old daughter, and I must say she's precisely right.  When my little girl puts on a skirt or a dress, her first reaction is to spin around and say "Princess!"  She loves to watch her skirt float around her waist and legs.  Recently she watched me get dressed for the day.  After I put on my skirt, she wanted me to spin around.  I'll admit I obliged, and - well, it was fun.

And yes, I did feel (just a little) like a princess.


Georgia said...

I completely agree! Especially about the modesty bit.It really saddens me that many girls my age feel the2= need to parade themselves around half ...well 3/4 naked!Here are two posts I did about modesty...

Kristin said...

I love skirts, too, and so do my girls. :-) I love them especially in the summer and every year I think, "I'm going to wear skirts in the fall and winter, too." But then it gets cold and I chicken out. :-)