Monday, July 9, 2012

travel: taking real food on the road

While contemplating our trek to the Midwest this summer, we decided to bring our own breakfasts, lunches, snacks.  Through planning, preparation, and a cooler full of ice, we hoped to save money as well as insure some solid nourishment during our journey.  We knew we would be eating pretty differently a lot of the time, but we wanted to keep it balanced a fair amount of the time as well.

And so, the days before our departure saw me not only packing, but cooking too.  Here's a run-down of what we brought with us to satisfy our appetites.

hard-boiled eggs (shells on until we're ready to eat them)
Cinnamon Bun Muffins (using coconut flour)
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Muffins (coconut flour)
Sourdough Pancakes
almond butter (also for sandwiches at lunch)
real salt
orange juice (a rare, rare treat)

sliced turkey lunchmeat
sprouted whole wheat sandwich bread
cheddar cheese sticks (cut at home)
sugar snap peas
2 bottles grape kombucha

stove-popped popcorn (from home)
salty sourdough crackers
organic raisins
yogurt raisins (not technically a whole food, but another very rare treat)
Barbara's Bakery cereal bars (another treat)
Barbara's Bakery fig bars (you guessed it, a rarity for us!)
homemade trail mix (peanuts, raisins, Enjoy Life chocolate chips)
carob peanut clusters

Bag o' snacks

As for dinnertime, we've been finding a restaurant before we head to the hotel.  After a long day of traveling it's nice to sit in a cool room and have food brought out to you!   We're being conscious of the expenses, and last night we were happy to discover that the restaurant we decided on was offering "Kids Eat Free" that night!  Two adult entrees earned four free children's meals.  

The math doesn't get much more perfect than that.

Happy Trails!


I Am Not Superwoman said...

Mindy, you amaze me!

Mama said...

You are one dedicated woman, Mindy. That's great about the 4 free kids' meals. Have a wonderful trip and may God keep you all safe.