Thursday, July 12, 2012

pausing ~ friends, fellowship, & food

After five days of travel, we have come to an oasis in a friend's home.   And get this: our stay here is a total of three nights.  Three nights.  Although our traveling days went quite smoothly, it was an unspeakable relief to be able to take a deep breath...and stop.

Since arriving here two nights ago, we've enjoyed reminiscing with old friends, a jaunt around Kansas City (we went by many of our old haunts: the church we attended when we lived here, the two homes where we lived, and the places we worked), a big dinner with our adopted family, watching our kids frolic with "cousins" they had never met before - such a blessing!

Oh, and some seriously awesome barbecue.

People, I kid you not.  I have been dreaming about this barbecue for 11 1/2 years now.  Jeff and I chose it for our last big meal before we moved away to Oregon from Kansas City, and stopping there was definitely a priority once we knew we were coming back for a visit. So yesterday we took the kids there for lunch.

It was every bit as delicious as I'd remembered.

And in case you're wondering, I chose not to read the ingredient list for the barbecue sauce.  This is a time for exceptions.   From where I'm sitting, it was totally worth it.

Today we're resting. Puttering.  Catching up on laundry and sleep. Possibly taking the boys to a local water park. Tonight we're invited to dinner at my husband's best friend from his boyhood - it's going to be fantastic.  That is a huge reason why we made this trip: fellowship with dear ones that time and distance had separated.

Not to mention the fact that I hear we're in for more outstanding barbecue.


Mama said...

So glad you are all having a wonderful time. The barbecue looks wonderful.

Steve and Corrine Isom said...

Glad you are having a good time. Please give our love and regards to everyone at UCC and Zeandale. We really need to go with you all next time.