Friday, July 27, 2012

travel: how to drink filtered water on the road

Brita water bottle (left)

Remember when I mentioned filtering water bottles in this post?  We bought this green Brita bottle while we were in Texas. In fact, we bought two of them!  You can check them out here.  They have been so handy while traveling.  You just never know what you're getting with tap water around the country, and in some of the places we've stayed, it's tasted downright nasty.  I'm so very glad we made the investment.

Just so you know, I'm not affiliated with Brita in any way.  I am just really enjoying these bottles. We put water in them and then fill our regular water bottles through the filter.  Easy peasy!

Happy Trails!

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Trish said...

Jamie and I saw metal filtered water bottles at Target - on clearance - yesterday. They were on an endcap near the school supplies/backpacks/seasonal stuff. Looked like they were exactly what you were talking about before you left our place!