Monday, July 2, 2012

peanut butter "syrup"

This isn't a true syrup, but it doubles nicely as one.   I developed this idea a few months ago, and it has been a tremendous hit around here.  Use this sweet topping on pancakes, waffles, or even ice cream.  The possibilities are endless!  It is especially spectacular with chocolate chip pancakes - trust me on this one.  

Now...I don't have exact amounts for this recipe.  Instead, I just mix, stir, add, etc. until it looks about right.  So I do apologize: those kinds of recipes drive me batty!  But so much about this mixture depends on temperature (both of the room and of the materials) and consistency that it's really best to see what works in your own kitchen on a particular day. 

Peanut Butter "Syrup"
coconut oil (very soft) - about 1/4 cup
creamy organic peanut butter - about 2-3 Tablespoons
sea salt (if your PB doesn't already contain salt) - a dash
raw honey - about 1 Tablespoon
vanilla - a dash

Combine all the ingredients and stir until smooth.  If your coconut oil was on the firm side, you may wish to warm the mixture until it reaches a pourable consistency.  If the mixture is too runny, add more peanut butter and stir again.

I store this in the refrigerator, but do keep in mind that coconut oil becomes very hard when cold.  If you want to use it at breakfast, pull it out the night before and leave at room temperature.   Or reheat gently in a toaster oven.  You get the idea: give it some love.  It needs to be fairly warm (room temperature in the summer) in order to be spreadable.

Although it could be yummy by the spoonful as well.  I wouldn't know a thing about that. Not. A. Thing.


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