Friday, August 31, 2012

homeschooling on the brain

You know you've got homeschooling on the brain when... head to the garage for something and find yourself in the study, staring at homeschooling books. church on Sunday, every single song seems to be about homeschooling.  (surrender, trust, obedience...)

...the school books for 2012-13 are in the mail, and you can hardly wait 'til they get here.'re pinning better ways to organize all the homeschool materials.

...the day your kids leave to go camping with their grandparents, you make sure they do Bible, math, character development, and Roman history. check the "school stuff" fund on a regular basis. are thrilled to be participating in Monday school again this autumn.'re planning to grill fellow homeschool mamas on how they do it.'re super-pscyhed that there's a second T-square coming with the school books.

...your blog has more posts on homeschooling this week than parenting and food combined. ;) are bound and determined: this year it will be different.

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