Friday, March 1, 2013

girls are different

Yesterday afternoon I sat on my living room couch, sobbing.

I've been viewing the film "Schindler's List" for the first time in years, watching it in 30-minute installments as my little man had his afternoon nursing-snack.  

Always looking over my shoulder, lest my kids should unintentionally see someone being shot in the head.

"Schindler' List."  Beautiful and ugly, tragic and inspiring.  Today I watched the last part (well past the violence) and my 3-year-old daughter sat beside me.

Hearing the first sob catch in my throat, she turned in wonderment.  Then she tilted her head and reached her hand toward my arm.  Patting it, she smiled knowingly and sweetly said, "It okay, Mama.  It okay."

My boys have never done anything like that.

The haunting tune of the violins rose and fell...stones were placed on the grave...and tears rolled down my cheeks.  And my daughter looked back at me and said "We be happy now?"

I'm telling you, girls are different.

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Traci K. said...

Amazing how God put the nurturing spirit in his lovely daughters!