Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mr. Chattypants

Here he is: Mr. Chattypants.

Much to our astonishment, our fifth child has been far more verbal, and that far earlier, than his siblings.  At 15 months he can name everyone in our family as well as the typical "hi," "bye," "ball" and such.  He can say "water," "cheese," "crackers" and other food words.  I can't even remember everything he says as I write this.  You'll just have to believe me when I say that never have we had a child speak so much, so early.

I'm pretty sure that this week he has even been using two-word sentences.  I took his brother to a friend's house to play today, and after Gabriel's morning nap we had a near-constant stream of "Where Kyle? Where Kyle?  Where Kyle?"

I have suspected for quite awhile that I had another sanguine on my hands.  The past year has only confirmed that suspicion - and I am thinking this is another evidence of it.    And while sanguines sport many wonderful and enviable personality with them in my home can be very wearing on this homebody-introvert.

And we go.  This could be a very interesting toddlerhood!

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Ami said...

Funny and interesting that your 5th is so chatty. My first was a chatterbox, 2nd was right "on track," with normal ages for each new development. Third, at 19 months, only has a few words. He does communicate, but without a lot of words. I've been debating about bringing it up with the doctor... I'm not overly worried yet, but I do definitely notice the difference.