Monday, March 11, 2013

my fascinating new love

I think I'm falling in love.  In fact I'm pretty certain of it.  I've been interested for a long time, flirting with the idea, playing with the possibilities.   They are endless, those possibilities.  And although there's always a chance that I'm caught up in the newness of it all, I'm pretty sure that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Essential oils.

I know I've mentioned them a few times here, but I didn't really know much about them.  As it is I'm still kind of getting my feet wet.   Reading, researching, learning...and using. Because yes, I am using them!

I've always assumed the purpose of essential oils was to make things smell pretty.  Largely the same as a candle but without the fire hazard.   Was I ever wrong!    In the just over a month we've been using them in our home, we've used them to soothe a teething toddler, fight off a sickness, quiet a cough, ease (*cough*) breastfeeding issues, clean, and much more.  I've even been using them in my water bottle and as a flavoring for food and my  Teeccino.  

I've stirred a drop of peppermint oil into my brownie batter (that's all you need, they're so potent), and sipped on glasses of lemon water.  I love using lemon oil in my water!  It is delicious and refreshing.

(Note:  Not all essential oils are safe for internal use.  The brand I'm using, doTERRA, is Certified Pure Theraputic Grade (R) and many of their oils are safe for consumption.)

Last week my daughter developed a fever and said that her ear was hurting her a great deal.  I've heard that basil oil is fantastic for ear infections, so I put a few drops on a piece of cotton ball and tucked it inside her ear.  I also used massaged a few drops of basil and frankincense around her ear and jaw, after which she went to bed...and we didn't hear from her again until morning.  It was amazing!  I have also used (diluted) peppermint oil to help bring a fever down, and the Breathe oil blend from doTERRA to ease congestion, among other things.

One of my most recent experiments was cleaning with essential oils.  I made batch of all-purpose cleaner with soap nuts liquid (see THIS LINK) and...oh my word.  I have cleaned with essential oils before, the grocery store variety.  But when I put a drop of my new lemongrass essential oil  into my cleaning bottle, I was in bliss.  I have never enjoyed cleaning so much in my life!

My bathroom sink has never been more pleased to see me.

Water and a few drop of lemon oil also work great to clean; I'm not sure I'll mix them with soap nuts liquid  much in the future - it just doesn't seem necessary.

I also love, love, love diffusing these oils in my home.  We've used them to combat illness as well as to freshen up the house and lighten our moods.   My family as only had a diffuser for a few weeks, but we're already planning to buy another one for upstairs.  Love it!

So that's my newest adventure.  I'm having a lot of fun experimenting with essential oils, and what's more, I have seen headaches chased away and aching tummies soothed.

I can't speak for everyone, or every brand, what I truly love what I'm trying.  And no, I'm not a consultant or affiliate for doTERRA.   I'm simply very pleased with my experience - and I wanted to share.

Happy Monday!

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sounds exciting, Mindy!