Friday, May 24, 2013

an announcement

I have something tell you guys.  It's not a huge deal - at least, I don't know that it is...not yet anyway.  Still, it's kind of exciting.  And there is potential here.  

Do you remember when I shared that I was falling in love with essential oils?  That attraction has continued to grow, and I've had so much fun learning about them.  

I carry them with me wherever I go.  We use them a lot around the house - for stomachaches, for bumps and bruises, for aromatherapy.  I personally use them on a daily basis - several times a day, in fact.

So in light of all this, and my love of the oils and what they can do, I have decided to become a consultant for DoTerra.  I'm still not entirely sure how this will look in my life, or how far I will try to take it all.  For now, let's just say I'm on a new journey.  And if you're interested in learning more about DoTerra or essential oils, or if you'd like to order something through me, let me know.  We can learn together!

After all, I'm just getting started.

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