Friday, May 10, 2013

mommy confessions

1)  This morning I sent my son upstairs on an errand, an errand which really didn't need to be done.  Why did I do this?  Because he wouldn't stop talking about a game which absolutely bores me to tears.

2)  For the past year and a half  I have had the most difficult time with reading books.  Me, the bookworm.  Me, the girl who had her nose buried in a book while her family drove through the Rocky Mountains.  I hope  to get my groove of these days.

3)  I fantasize about being there when my daughter gives birth to her first baby.  In my mind, she's at home, and there's a birthing tub with a midwife nearby.  My daughter is only three years old.

4)  We still do Lunch in the Living Room, at least once a week.  Try not to judge me, we do eat dinner all together every evening.  Sometimes a mama just needs to have a meal all by herself...

5)   My pupils aren't the only ones counting the days til summer vacation!

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