Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the current plan

***UPDATE*** The building company accepted our offer! We're on! Yippeeeee!

At last we have a plan in place now, for where we'll eventually be living. Our future home.

Yesterday we started the process of having a home to be built for us. It's not far from here; the neighborhood is actually quite close to the house we had planned by move into last April. So yesterday, kids in tow, we chose a lot, wrote a check, and signed a large stack of papers.

The office where all the business took place is actually a model home. And that model home is nearly the exact floor plan that we've ordered. The only difference is that we've chosen to extend the upstairs loft, making it a full 2nd story. That's the main reason why we brought the boys - so they could see what it would be like. They behaved very well, exploring and eventually settling down in the family room to watch a DVD. (Yes, it's a fully furnished and exquisitely decorated model home!) Jeff's parents also decided to join us, largely to see the floor plan - but they also watched the boys while we signed all those papers. It was so helpful to have them there. The model home had no shortage of breakable decor...not exactly a good site for a wrestling match.

We had a fun time going through our list of available options (read: upgrades) and deciding what we did and didn't want - or rather, opted not to put onto the total count. I feel really good about our choices, and that we had a good balance of practicality and comfort. Now we just need to finalize an agreement on the price with the building company, and we're good to go. That should be accomplished within the next few days.

The thought of a new house - our house, designed and appointed as we will it - is, well, thrilling.

However, there is a small hitch. It won't be ready until January.

This is not good news for the pregnant lady. Not to mention that she's a pregnant lady who's been living out of suitcases and boxes for several months now. The pregnant lady whose official due date is January 28th. Not great news at all.

Still, I am choosing (reminding myself, again and again) to look at the big picture. The house we want, the yard we want, at a price we can afford. We love this unbuilt home: in fact, we love it more than the other house, the one we were planning to buy in April. I am hoping that this is God's plan for us, the reason that He allowed all that heartache and stress.

Of course, it all depends, once again, on the sale of our "old" house going through. Everything looks good so far. The closing date is still scheduled for July 31st. We've had the inspection, and are waiting for the appraisal to be scheduled. Things seem to be moving along as planned.

We shall see. Jeff and I are praying for a smooth process this time, but we have certainly learned that these things don't always happen the way you expect.

You may have noticed that there's quite a gap between July 31st (when the sale of this house closes) and January (when we hope to move into the newly built house). For the interim, we'll be looking for a rental. I'm a little anxious about these details - moving not once but twice, moving while I'm large with child, storing our stuff, finding a place to rent (will it be a house with a yard, or an apartment?). We'll be spending three family birthdays there, not to mention the holidays. And what if there's a delay with the construction? Would I really want a homebirth in some temporary living arrangement?

I'm praying that we won't have to make that choice. We're told that these builders are really "good on their dates," and I'm holding onto that. But if there is a delay, I know we'll manage. God will take care of us. He alone knows when and where the babe will be born. Although it may be the first time in my life that I'm glad my babies usually come well past their due dates.

Oh....I suppose you'd like to hear what the house is like? I nearly forgot, silly me. Let's see... it's a bit over 3200 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a beautiful master suite, an office/den, living room, family room, and "loft" (which will be more of a family room) upstairs. The kitchen is lovely (and includes a "cook's pantry"). The lot is level, and a good size. Lots of room for those boys to shake their sillies out, thank goodness!

So that's the news. Now we need to apply ourselves to finding a rental, and preparing to move in about a month. We're back in the saddle again, and this time in a good way!


paige said...

Wow, that's sure an exciting list of events! i hope you really enjoy the whole process. You need a babyticker on your blog!!!!

Molly said...

So happy for you guys! 3200sq. ft is a huge house! That'll be just wonderful!

Jennie said...

Congratulations, Mindy. That's very exciting. I wish I was out there to help in January, but I'm sure God will provide.

Joy said...

So happy that you have found and new and wonderful place for you and your family. Will be praying the construction is completed on time and the new one is just a tiny bit late.

Brigetta said...

That's great news, so happy for you!

Erin said...

That sounds fabulous, congratulations! Also, we moved into our house 2 weeks before my due date with Sarah. (which happened to have been Jan 30th!) The kitchen was fully functional only 1 week before the due date. But we survived and I will be able to empathize with you for sure when the time gets closer!

Kristin said...

Sounds good!

Rena said...

Sounds wonderful!!!