Sunday, July 11, 2010

where's the beef?

In our freezer, of course!

Yes, we did it again. This summer we purchased 3/8 of a cow (what a funny fraction...last year we got a quarter of beef, so this is a bit more), grass-fed, from a local rancher. I could not be more pleased! And I am so happy to have a replenished supply of meat in our freezer.

Hooray for the return of red meat! Just in time for grilling season. Yum.


Carolyn said...

Wow -- that looks great! does this take up the whole freezer? or do you have room to store other things?

Mindy said...

We've got a bit of space left. Not a ton, but enough that we're considering an entire half of beef next year!

steve and corrine said...

Did we hear a sizzle of beef on the barbecue tonight?? YUM!