Friday, July 30, 2010

mommy confessions

~Not long ago, I came to the sobering realization that my 7-year-old is way better at mentally adding two-digit numbers than I am.

~I'm getting ready to order our 2010-11 curriculum, and I'm feeling strangely excited about it.

~After participating in six baby showers during the first half of the year, I am feeling quite relieved that the next one isn't until October or so. It's been quite a year for our church body!

~I sometimes let my children buy me time by sending them to entertain their baby sister will I dry my hair, finish lunch, etc. They're great at it, too!

~I've discovered that I have a terrible weakness for sweetened foods with almonds. I could eat a half a jar of almond butter (which has a touch of honey) in one sitting.

~My toddler drives me to comfort eating.

~My boys are going to be gone next week, and while I will miss them, I am eagerly anticipating giving the house a good cleaning shortly after they leave...and then enjoying the fact that it will pretty much stay clean until they come back home.

~I am also really looking forward to some literal "quiet time."

~Owen has finally been doing better with potty training, and I'm terrified that he'll "lose it" while he's away.

~I've been dipping into my personal spending money in order to support my summer berry habit.

~I've discovered salami made with grass-fed beef at the farmers' market, and I am head over heels about it. Seriously, I get giddy.

~There's a new natural grocery about to open in town, and I'm so excited I could wet myself.

~I secured a dozen chicken feet from a friend who raises meat birds, intending to use them for chicken stock. (They're fabulous, I hear.) But it turns out that I just don't have the guts give them the necessary scrub-down before dropping them in the pot.


steve and corrine said...

You just slay me!! ROTFL These Mommy confessions are almost as good as the "not me" Mondays. I hope you enjoy your quiet and clean house next week. I give you two days - NO - one day and then you will be yearning for little boys' noise.

Mama said...

Ditto the above! :)
Have an enjoyable time!

tlc said...

Oh come on! Scrub those chicken feet! You can do it! I read a story by Tommy dePaola called "TOM" where his grandfather gave him chicken feet from the butcher shop and taught him how to pull the tendons to make the claws retract. He of course used them to scare the girls at school. Good thing the boys aren't home this week....