Wednesday, August 6, 2008


You know, I really thought Owen's spitting-up was getting better. He will go through a few days where he doesn't do much at all, but then --wham!-- not so much. It's been especially bad the last few days. Ah well, I suppose it's easier to clean oursevles up during the summertime, when limbs are less covered than in cold weather.

It's funny, because with some of the nutritional changes we've been making lately, I had thought this messy trend might improve. For example, I have replaced the peanut butter in my diet with raw almond butter. And since so many babies have issues with peanut products, I thought that could possibly have an impact on Owen's spitting. But...not so much. In fact, not at all.

All the boys have been spitty babies. I guess this is just the way of it for us. But still, Owen takes the cake. It's like he is striving to out-do his brothers in this...he is the spittiest baby I've ever seen in my life!

I guess I'm just counting it an extra blessing that we got laminate flooring last winter, because it's so much better to clean than carpet! Although the sound of the gunk landing on the floor is a bit more dramatic.... splat!

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