Thursday, June 10, 2010

cooking lessons: an update

The big boys and I have continued on in our "cooking lessons." After our first venture, making graham crackers, we've delved into pizza (complete with a soaked crust), raw milk ice cream, lemonade, and (homemade, of course) chocolate pudding.

We're having fun, although relinquishing some control in the kitchen is still a stretch for me. But I'm getting there, and Benjamin and Kyle are getting some good experience.

I was thrilled to recently discover a homeschooling textbook written by a Real Food blogger! Originally offered for high school-aged kids, next month Kristen Michaelis at Food Renegade will be offering Real Food Nutrition and Health For Kids, which is targeted for children ages 3-8! I could not be more pleased or excited. We will definitely be adding this to our school time!

(fresh Lemonade, sweetened with stevia)

In the meantime we'll keep plugging along. Next on the list are nut butter, coconut bark, noodles, french fries, butter, and...the things they want to make goes on and on and on! Pray for me, people...


Jodi said...

Ohhh, thanks for the tip on the real food curriculum for the little ones! Looks like we might add it in as well for next year. Not that I really need MORE things to add to my lesson planning. :) Love your blog, Mindy!

Mindy said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Jodi! I could not be more excited about the curriculum. At first I thought it was only for high schoolers, and when I saw that they have a younger book coming out, I was over the moon.

I appreciate so much the updates on Joy. I'm praying!