Monday, June 28, 2010

"Not Me" Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It's Monday again, and this Monday means that I'm taking on "Not me" Monday again. For more on the fun and cathartic blog carnival, visit MckMama at her lovely blog, My Charming Kids. Now, on with our regularly scheduled program.

My daughter is s 4 1/2 months old, and I never wince when I lay her down for a nap, and she gives me a look that says "Noooooo! How could you do this to me!" I'm tough like that.

I absolutely didn't buy three new swimming suits for my boys, after having gone 7 1/2 years into motherhood without purchasing a single child's swim suit. No way! Why would I end a streak like that, even if the hand-me-downs were getting awfully raggedy?

Speaking of shopping, while standing in line to buy some new shorts at the outlet mall, I most definitely didn't find myself looking around and thinking "I'm seeing a lot of middle-aged women. Is this a store I should be shopping in? I'm only 33!"

I am absolutely not counting the days until we leave the three older children with their grandparents, and head to the beach. (Only two!)

And you can be certain that, after some trouble getting my freshly-baked loaves of bread out of their pans, I didn't serve my children something I dubbed "Open-Faced Volcano Sandwiches." And said sandwiches definitely didn't consist of hunks of bread slathered with almond butter and strawberry jam. Nope, not me!


steve and corrine said...

Love these "Not Me" Monday blogs. It is always fun to read and get a little window into your world.

Mama said...

Ditto to the above!