Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I've always assumed that it went without saying, but I am officially stating that the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are entirely personal. They are not those necessarily espoused by my church, or any other organization with which I am associated.

To my knowledge, my church has no official stance on topics such as birth choices, child education, whole foods, or any other subjects expressed on this site.

I was recently reminded that as an elder's wife I must be extremely careful to make a distinction between what is my personal view, and what is not. All of the ideas presented on this blog are my personal views.


paige said...

but i'm gonna assume that the official position of your church is that Archimedes was a great math-magician... right? :) hee hee.
Seriously though, Mindy - sometimes i wish that some of these topics were discussed in church - & that the church did have an official position on things that might be counter culture - but in the absence of unity on these topics - it sure is nice to hear single voices being raised in questioning - 'what would God have me do?'
Reminds me of that quote about truth not being determined by a majority vote...

Ol' Dad said...

I thought it was apparent (and I am stating this as a PARENT) the views shared on your personal blog were personally yours. Isn't that what a personal blog is about?

I like what you share. I also doubt every last person who reads it agrees with every little item shared (that is those that are other than cute, etc.). So if you must, run a disclaimer. I do not see the need.

Let those who have a problem skip the reading.

Jeff said...

Just to clarify a little:
As leaders in our church, there's been a couple times people have been concerned that they were out of line with our church because they disagreed with us on some non-essential issues and we don't want to make anyone think that.

Part of what I love about our church is that we can have unity in the things that matter and are free to exercise our liberty to seek God's will for our lives in those issues on which our salvation doesn't rely.

We do hope that our search may be an inspiration to others in their search because as Christians, we should all be just a little counter-culture.