Saturday, June 19, 2010

on a break

We are officially on a break from homeschooling! Today was the last day of our "spring" term. We celebrated with buttermilk pancakes, real maple syrup, and the option of remaining in pajamas all day long.

Can I share a dirty little secret with you? Promise you won't laugh? Okay.

I'm afraid of taking a break.

There, I said it. I, who counted down the days to summer vacation as a child. I, who was terrified to take on the job of schooling my children, at home.

Yet there's the truth of it. I have a pit in my stomach even thinking about a vacation from school.

The reasons are varied. Mostly I suppose I'm anxious about losing our momentum. I mean, even after a long weekend it's sometimes hard to get back into the swing of things. Also, we had some structure to our weekdays as things were, and it's a bit hard to imagine what the hours will look like during the next few weeks.

A lot of requests to play the Wii, I imagine.

I know we'll be fine. Whatever ground we lose, we'll get back. The boys are doing great, anyway. And our break is only scheduled for about a month - when I planned out our school year, I did it in three terms, each around 3 months long. It made the most sense with a mid-year move, followed by a new baby (and the following postpartum time). And right now, it feels like a good fit for us.

So it'll be alright. It's just the unknown stretching out before me - there are butterflies in my stomach.

But for now, we're going to enjoy the weeks off, pray for true summer to arrive (it's quite tardy this year), and spend time just relaxing together.

And really, I think that's going to be fine by me!

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Kristin said...

We have a modified schedule, too. We take off 2 months in the summer and 1 month in the winter. I must say I envy your tardy summer. We are expecting temps in the mid-90s for tomorrow and this pregnant mama is not looking forward to it. :-)