Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ahoy thar, me hearties!

Today we went to a pirate concert at the library. Captain Bogg & Salty did their annual show in our part of town, so we got all pirated up and headed out.

It was a good time. Ben sang along and participated with the rest of the crowd. It took Kyle a while to warm up and get excited to be there; he had a hard time waiting until the show was starting. ("Mooooooom, I'm kind of hungwy and thiwsty..." "Mooooooom, I'm tiiiiiiiwed..." "Mooooom, I wanna go hooooooome....") But when "Nellie the Elephant" came along, he came alive. If it involves jumping, Kyle is right there.

Thankfully it ended up going great. Owen was just the sweetest baby, he just sat on my lap the whole time. He did do a little boogeying himself, but it was of the on-lap variety. And he was the only one of our group to raise his hand when Captain Bogg asked if there was anyone out there who had never before attended one of their concerts.

The band rounded out their show with our family's personal favorite "There's a Pirate Party Shaking on the Ship." It was a rollicking & rolling good time!
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Kristin said...

Hi, Mindy! I just happened upon your blog. I chuckled to see that you have boys named Owen and Benjamin. My youngest son is also named Owen...and I'm pregnant with Baby Benjamin now!

Come see me :-)

steveandcorrine said...

Shiver me timbers, looks like a scurvy bunch o' sea-dogs! ARRRR! Watch out for Captain Hook and his gang. They'll shanghai you for sure. If I sailed me ship in your waters, I'd take you all as me personal cabinboys to swab me deck. What a cute bunch of pirates, Gwamma thinks you are too cute to swab me decks, but she is not in charge and may have to walk the plank!