Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I can do this!

At long last I have decided to learn to cut my boys' hair, myself. For a long time I resisted, fearing I would leave them looking like newly shorn sheep. But I have grown weary of the hassle & expense of taking them elsewhere for haircuts, so this week I invested in a kit from the store. And today was the first attempt.

Kyle is such a prince about haircuts. He always has been. He sits there, as good as gold. No fidgeting, no complaining, for as long as it takes. Bearing this in mind, I began with him. And he was so patient! Benjamin did a good job too, but was very sensitive to the itch factor of it all. We'll figure out the finer points, I told him. This thing is trial and error right now.

So with Bob the Builder on TV to help, we set out. They really needed haircuts...so shaggy! It's amazing how much hair the cuts produced.

The result is not perfect, but for a first try I'm pretty satisfied. And we've already saved more than a trip to the kids' salon...even if it does have the allure of a train table.
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steveandcorrine said...

We noticed Ben's haircut and assumed on Sunday that he had been to the barber. Silly us! I love this and you did a great job. It reminds me of my mom cutting my hair as a boy. I actually have some very fond memories and I felt like it was a bonding sort of thing also with the caring touch and all.

Ami said...

I think you did a great job, too! I wish LK would allow anyone other than Monica to cut his. Yes, he has his own 'stylist' at 3... and no one else is allowed near his hair. I let him win that 'battle' for now.