Sunday, July 20, 2008

eau de baby vomit

My sweet little baby smells so good
Til he starts the day with an urp
I snuggle him close up on my shoulder
Til I hear the dreaded burp.

Damage control, save the clothes!
I strive to direct the flow
But my own sweet dear little spitter
Shows I'm much too slow.

Each & every day it's a matter of course
That casualties will fall.
Onesie, t-shirt, Mama's shoes
The flood nails one and all.

The "rain falls on the just and the unjust,"
In our home that is so true.
But this particular brand of weather
When sniffed, produces an "Ew!"

Still, this dear precious boy
Is worth it all, with his dear sweet gummy grins
And when he laughs, I forget about
The milk curds on his chin.


steveandcorrine said...

You are on a roll, Shakespeare! We loved the pukey poetry. Grandma and Grandpa Isom

deb said...

You are so creative! And so accurate! haha!