Tuesday, July 15, 2008

guess who's scooting?

Owen just started to scoot! I noticed it this morning. He'll pull his knees up under him and push with his toes (head and arms are generally down, he just has his tush in the air). It is so much fun!

I saw the most dramatic example of it when I put him down for a nap a little while ago. He did okay for a few minutes, but then I heard the telltale wail that said "Mama! I am VERY upset!" and when I ran in there he was working on scooting up the length of the mattress. Weeping & gnashing his teeth all the way, mind you. But in spite of that, he made a lot of progress.

Look out, world! He's getting mobile!

He's our big 4-month-old, and has been spending a lot of time on the floor these days, although his most common trick is to promptly roll onto his tummy and then spit-up a big puddle of milk. If I fail to notice it in a minute or two, he will lay his cheek down in it to rest his neck. Nice, eh? Then when he looks up again, the side of his face is covered with spit-up. Talk about charming!

Owen seems to be working on some teeth. Mercy, I hope it/they get(s) here soon. This is getting really old. Mama is even cranky about it!

He is so enamored with his big bros, especially (dare I say it?) Benjamin. That is likely due to the fact that Ben is the one most fond of doting on Owen. He loves to sit at his side and talk to him. And there is nothing Owen likes best than one-on-one attention, without a doubt.

Of course, he's also very fond of the fish on the shower curtain in the hall bathroom. But that's totally different...right?

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Rena said...

I'm so glad you've started a blog! What wonderful stories!!
Cute picture of Owen scooting :)