Wednesday, February 20, 2013

small kindnesses

Lately I've been blessed by small kindnesses my children are showing to one another.

Little moments where they're choosing to think about others first.  Taking them into consideration.   Loving their siblings.

Those times are a nice respite from the bickering which sometimes seems so prevalent.  I know it happens with siblings.  I have a brother; I remember.  But still there's an ongoing quest in the better direction.  At least there is for me as their mother.

Checking in when his brother didn't feel well, to see how he could help.

Giving a toy away.

Playing with a fussy toddler-baby.

Saying they're sorry.


Working overtime to repair broken trust.

Sharing a snack.

Inviting a younger child to play with them.

Impetuously saying "I love you."

These things...they may not be the norm yet, but I do see them in my young brood.  These things give me hope that my little ones may still grow up to be caring and generous adults.  When I see my children making the choice to put someone else first, to lay down their own rights, to show love, it blesses me.

They bless me.

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Mama said...

That's wonderful. This post brought tears to my eyes.