Monday, February 18, 2013

this and that on a Monday night

Here are a few random, rambling thoughts at the close of a long weekend...

I chose to spend the time slot usually allotted for exercise to organize closets.  The result is a happy one, but I'm left with the haunting feeling that my stomach could've been flatter this evening.

My husband was off work for the holiday, and the neighbor kids were home too... but I still made my boys do school.  I'm mean like that.

Actually, I'm scared like that.  I don't know how I became a slave to the School Schedule, but I am.  I've always had that tendency.  I think it's that I'm just insecure about things, specifically about how we operate as a homeschool I try not to take many days off.  Weekdays, that is.  I'm not mean enough to make my kids do fractions on a Saturday after all.

Speaking of school insecurities, I'm cracking down on the horrendous spelling of late.  Today was the first day doing "daily tests," and I think it went alright.  I was ridiculously nervous, though.

Not mean, just nervous.

In other news, my toddler is hilarious.  That child is chock full of character.  I may need to hire a nanny by the time he turns two,  It could be a wild ride!

It's amazing what a difference some shelves can make!  We inherited some recently, and the younger boys' dresser is neat for the first time in ages!  They finally have a place for those odds and ends.  And there was much rejoicing!

My husband planted peas in the garden by himself today.  I let him do it.

Dinner was was crumbly.  It seems to always turn out crumbly.  I've taken to calling it "Mealoaf Crumble."  Happily it still tasted delicious!

I'm off to put my hilarious toddler to bed.   G'night!

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