Wednesday, February 13, 2013


1)    Owen, age 4, looking at the cat, "Mom, why didn't we name her Cuteness?  We should've named her Cuteness and not Molly..."

2)   Benjamin, age 10, referring to his 14-month-old brother, "Gabe looks just exactly like a gummy bear.  Especially when he's sitting down!"

3)   Kyle, age 7, at dinnertime, "May I please have some more potatoes?"
Owen, "I want some more tomatoes too."
Me, "Owen, they're potatoes."
Owen, "That's just what I said!"
 (Remember this post?)

4)  Me, "Ben, I haven't noticed a problem or anything...but you're getting old enough that you might want to start wearing deodorant."
Elise (who is sitting next to Ben), very excited, "And me too?!?!?!"

5)  My boys, vying daily for their sister's affection.  I'm afraid she may end up getting spoiled after all...

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Mama said...

Thanks for the chuckle of the day. They're a hoot!